Who we are


Doctors For Africa was founded in 2006 by Evode Rusagara and Moses Batwala to help alleviate the healthcare crisis facing Africa.  Doctors For Africa comprises of both medical and non medical members with vast knowledge of African languages, working and living in Africa who are all dedicated to improving access and provision of healthcare in Africa. The in depth cultural, religious and ethnic knowledge/experience enables Doctors For Africa to be proactive and apply various long term initiatives and solutions within context to help tackle the current critical healthcare challenges that are being faced on a daily basis. Doctors For Africa is fortunate to have members from multi disciplinary functions, this enables us to make improvements in various medical sectors. 

We have also been able to create strong, tactical partnerships with UK hospitals in order to receive donations of medical supplies and equipment that we distribute to clinics, hospitals and refugee camps.

Friday the 23rd. DFA Charity Registration No. 1125670. Campaign for Affordable Medical Solutions
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