Doctors for Africa is a UK based Not-for-Profit Organisation made of both Non-Medical and Medical Professionals. The Organisation’s main aim is to improve the Access and Quality of Medical Services and Facilities to the Ordinary People of Africa.

We hope to achieve these aims by;

     Supporting and Improving current Medical Services and Facilities in Africa.

    Training Healthcare providers in Africa and providing Continuing Professional Development.

    Facilitating and Encouraging Medical Professionals and Allied professionals outside Africa to participate in travelling/visiting clinics to Africa; take longer sabbaticals and even relocate to practise in Africa.

    Support and Recommend strategies to encourage the retention of Skilled Professionals in Africa and Reverse the trend of the “Brain-Drain” of these Professionals from African Countries.

    Running and Building Health Facilities in Africa.

    Lobby African Governments to “Put Health First” and adopt Laws and Policies that Promote and Sustain Good Health.

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