The Team


The Team August 2012-2013

Life Patrons and Founders:

1. Dr Moses Batwala
2.  Mr Evode Rusagara
Mrs Cathy Rusagara


Executive and Board of Directors:

 President: Dr Moses Batwala

Secretary General: Dr Serufusa Sekidde

Treasurer: Mr Ronald Lukandwa


Non-executive board members:

 1: Head of Communications and Public Relations: Mrs Rita Lukandwa

 2: Head of Fundraising and Project Management: Mr Anthony Sembatya

 3: Head of Information Technology: Mr Dennis Kitamirike

 4: Head of Charity Runs events: Dr Lisha Jose Acato

 5: Head of Foreign Doctor placements: Tamara Bugembe

 6: Head of Medical: Dr Michele Kigozi

 7: Head of Surgical: Dr Anthony Achato

 8: Head of Membership Matters: Dr Rachel Kirya


Uganda Project Team:

 1: Executive Director Uganda: Mr Timothy Nsubuga

 2: Medical Director: Dr Olivia Kituuka

Friday the 23rd. DFA Charity Registration No. 1125670. Campaign for Affordable Medical Solutions
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