I was not going to blog about my time in Cameroon. Between being reluctant to contribute to the poverty voyeurism of Africa and the not wanting my naive opinions and poor writing being immortalised on the web for ever, I settled for emailing friends with updates and stories. But were you happy? No! More than one of you have asked me to blog; some lacing your advice with the loveliest of compliments, others threatening to read out my emails to their work colleagues on a weekly basis (not naming names, but, ahem, Heather). And so as a testament to the effective powers of stroking one’s ego, I've set up a blog. This is the unofficial, speak my mind blog. If you want to read the nicey, nicey soul inspiring VSO stuff, click here: (did you try it? Yes? I know, it doesn’t work)


DISCLAIMER: the opinions expressed in this blog do not reflect the views of VSO. The only person accountable for these crazy ramblings is Tamara Bugembe.

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